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NYF and Sony Radio Award winning Sitrep brings you discussion and analysis on defence, foreign policy and the stories affecting the British Forces. Presented by Kate Gerbeau with defence analyst Christopher Lee.

We assess the impact of the military's response to Covid 19: Russia's security services under the spotlight.

One of the RAF’s first female fast jet pilots tells Sitrep what it was like to be a pioneer in her field and our ambassador to Washington enlists the help of the Army, the Navy and the RAF in making the perfect cup of tea!

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Tributes paid to Dame Vera Lynn, the forces sweetheart.

President Trump has confirmed that 9,500 US troops are to leave Germany, so how will that affect NATO's strategy in Europe?

The Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee tells Sitrep of his deep concern over the fatal clashes at the border between China and India

Plus -  why a new research project has been launched to see how veterans are coping during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

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One of the Army’s most senior officers has told BFBS Sitrep why he wrote an open letter about tackling racism, following the protests over the death of George Floyd.

Commander, Home Command, Lieutenant General Tyrone Urch told Sitrep that the British Army was not immune to incidences of racism and he's written to all commanders saying he is determined the army will push back against racism, hatred and division.

We also hear from a former United States permanent representative to NATO about a warning this week from the organisation's head about the growing economic and military power of China. Jens Stoltenberg said the West must stand together to face any challenges.

And the oldest Admiral in the fleet... we look at Prince Philip's war time experiences - including witnessing  Japan's surrender - in the week he celebrates his 99th birthday.

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We hear about the new regiment being formed to counter the threat from digital attacks. The first dedicated Cyber regiment is designed to protect defence networks at home and on operations overseas. Brigadier John Collyer - the Commander of 1st Signal Brigade - tells us about the threats and explains how the 13th Signal regiment is made up from different specialist teams. 


The military have been widely praised for their work throughout the COVID 19 crisis but questions are being asked now about the impact of the pandemic on government spending overall, and on defence spending in particular. We hear from the Defence Secretary giving evidence in parliament and from defence experts.


And what advice on leadership and motivation would you give a 14 year old? We hear from a father who, when working at Downing St, asked world leaders, authors and sports stars to write down their life advice for his son we hear what George W Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev and J.K. Rowling, among others.

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