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What will the world look like when the coronavirus pandemic is in the past? Will relations with China collapse? How will Russia respond? And where does it leave Britain? We’ll discuss the potential for major change with the director-general of RUSI

We report on the military’s latest role responding to the pandemic — setting up dozens of mobile testing facilities

We get updates on how forces communities around the world are coping with the lockdown.

And on Captain Tom Moore’s 100th birthday, we hear from the postmaster who’s had to cope with more than 100-thousand cards.

Plus, a former MoD expert on UFOs tells us why the Pentagon’s suddenly being so open about potential close encounters.

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Thousands of military personnel are part of Britain’s response to the Coronavirus crisis, but should they be doing more?

What are the parallels between being in a war zone and being on the frontline of the medical battle against Covid-19?  Sitrep speaks to an expert in military mental health,

And, as the head of MI5 steps down, what are the security threats we need to be worried about once the pandemic has passed?

Plus, how are military charities coping as many face financial crisis?


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The coronavirus pandemic respects no borders, striking the wealthiest countries, and the poorest. This week, we look at the potential impact on conflict zones.

A former adviser to the US State Department tells us Afghanistan will have to cope without much international support.

In the United States, Donald Trump comes under more pressure over his response to the pandemic. Will it prompt him to withdraw even further from America’s decades-old role as global leader?

We get an update from Cyprus on how the outbreak is affecting the lives of the British forces community.

And we tell the story of Captain Tom Moore, the 99-year-old veteran who’s raised millions for the NHS.

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With the Prime Minister in hospital, who’s in charge of Britain’s security? As the Government continues to fight against the coronavirus pandemic, former RUSI head Professor Michael Clarke tells us some will see an opportunity to exploit.

The Chief of the Defence Staff is telling the forces to treat the virus response as a long-term operation — we speak to retired Major General Tim Robinson, formerly in charge of military assistance to civilian authorities, about the different mindset that’s required.

And as the coronavirus reaches Africa, are there lessons from the way British forces helped to tackle the Ebola outbreak there in 2014. We hear from Kate Dooley, from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, who’s normally based in Sierra Leone.

Plus care homes call on the public to get in touch with lonely veterans, forced to isolate while the outbreak continues.

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The giant NHS Nightingale Hospital in London’s docklands prepares to receive patients — built in just a few days with help from the Army. We’ve a special report from inside the hospital.

As thousands of reservists are called up and the RAF and Royal Navy make their own contributions to the national response to the pandemic, we’ll hear from the First Sea Lord, and get updates from forces communities in Germany, the Falklands and Cyprus.

Plus we learn more about the call to veterans to help their local communities cope with the virus.

Fake news connected to the pandemic is spreading around the world — we’ll explore the task facing the new government unit set up to combat conspiracy theories.

And we hear how a group of veterans in Scotland are using technology to keep in touch despite the rules on social distancing.

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