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The Government’s made its decision on Huawei and the new 5G Network – but is it the right one?  James Sullivan, head of Cyber Research at the Royal United Services Institute looks at the concerns surrounding the announcement.

As we remember the Holocaust, why are we ignoring the human-rights atrocities happening right now?  Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, reminds us of today’s brutalities.

Sian Grzeszczyk speaks to Bae System’s Human Factors lead researcher, Suzy Broadbent, about the new technology that will read the minds of future fast-jet pilots to improve their performance. 

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The 2020 Defence Review – is it big enough to shape Britain’s future defence policy?  Defence analysts Francis Tusa and Christopher Lee discuss the possible options.

The former First Sea Lord, Admiral Lord West explains why is there concern over the repair programme for the Type 45s.

Did the government do a deal with Sinn Fein that could lead to more veterans being prosecuted?  Former defence minister Mark Francois voices his concern.

And remembering Peter Hobday, the first presenter of Sitrep.

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Higar Chemali, the former spokesperson for the US mission to the United Nations and Professor Scott Lucas from Birmingham University tell us

why the UK has changed its policy on the  Iran nuclear deal, and look at America’s reaction one week after the air strikes against US forces in Iraq.

Former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov looks at President Putin’s big plan for the future leadership of Russia

Who’s fighting who in Libya? Mary Fitzgerald is a writer and frequent visitor to the beleaguered country and explains all the different factions in the current crisis.

According to a recent survey carried out by the International Committee of the Red Cross, millennials across the globe are worried about war, but why?

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This week Sitrep takes an in-depth look at the Iran-US crisis,

Was it a bad decision by the United States?  Should the UK's foreign policy should be aligned so closely with America's?

How have Europe & Russia reacted to the rising tensions?

And where does this leave British and American troops based in Iraq and what are the longer-term consequences for the Middle East?

That’s all in this week’s Sitrep with James Hirst and Christopher Lee


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BRIXMIS was a unit of the British Army set up at the end of the Second World War as part of a liaison mission between the wartime allies: Britain, France, America, and The Soviet Union.

BRIXMIS stands for the 'British Commander-in-Chief’s Mission to the Soviet Forces in Germany'.

However, BRIXMIS rapidly became, in common with United States (USMLM) and French Allied Military Liaison Missions (FMLM), something quite different.

In this special edition of Sitrep, BFBS reporter Rosie Laydon tells Kate Gerbeau how she took former BRIXMIS operative Dave Butler back to Germany, where he spied on Soviet troops at the height of the cold war.  As well as Dave, Rosie spoke to other former spies from Britain, the US and the former Soviet Union, who all have dramatic tales of espionage in plain sight.

Want more?

To read Dave's story in his own words and see photos from the time:

To see the Forces TV documentary:

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