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In today’s Sitrep with Kate Gerbeau and Christopher Lee…

We have a new Prime Minister and now a new Defence Secretary, so who is Ben Wallace?

The UK wants to put together a European-led maritime protection mission in the Gulf – but what ships are needed and how will it work?

Britain is going to deploy troops to Mali in Africa, but what will they be doing?

And Sitrep’s summer reading list:  delve deep into military history and foreign affairs with Sitrep’s reading list.

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Royal Navy frigate, HMS Montrose has intercepted three Iranian vessels that were trying to block the path of a British oil tanker in the Gulf.  RUSI Director General Dr Karin von Hippel explains what's going on.

The British Ambassador to Washington has resigned after his diplomatic cables were leaked.  What does this mean for future intelligence co-operation between the US and UK?

Our reporter Claire Sadler has been to see what British Troops in South Sudan are doing for the United Nations mission there.

We talk to Lieutenant General Tim Radford who is leaving his role as Commander of NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps to become Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

And why the RAF Benevolent Fund is trying to find veteran airmen and women who've fallen "Off the Radar".

Presented by Kate Gerbeau with BFBS Defence Analyst Christopher Lee.

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In today’s Sitrep with Kate Gerbeau and Christopher Lee…

The controversy surrounding the Royal Marines capturing an oil tanker off Gibraltar.

Hong Kong riots - has the UK gone too far in condemning China?

Putin says it's time the West changed its liberal ideas.

The British Ambassador to the United Nations who wanted to be a fighter pilot.

And why Trump won't let the generals rain on his parade.

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