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On this week's Sitrep, there’s reaction to the decision to close RAF Scampton, the Red Arrows' home in Lincolnshire.


It was announced on the same day as a pay rise for the armed forces -- but it's still not clear how that's going to be paid for.


Does it mean more cuts are on the way?


Plus, how worried should we be about Donald Trump's latest tweetstorm, aimed at Iran?


There’s worrying figures about suicide rates among military veterans ….


And we speak to the woman behind a new exhibition looking at how Britain commemorates its war dead




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In this episode of Sitrep with Kate Gerbeau and Christopher Lee we hear from Dr Karin Von Hippel the Director General of RUSI about President’s Trump’s recent visit to Europe.  Did he achieve anything other than international confusion?


Also a statement from the government on the Modernising Defence Programme.  James Hirst explains why it doesn’t say anything we don’t already know.


Why has there been a rise in violence in Northern Ireland?


Ali Gibson takes a look into the future of the RAF at the Farnborough Air Show with a report on future updates to the Eurofighter Typhoon and the virtual reality of The Tempest.


And the Commander of British Forces Germany tells Chris Pearson about British Army infrastructure in Germany after drawdown.


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In this episode Kate Gerbeau and Christopher Lee are joined by Dr Mark Galeotti, senior fellow at the Institute of International Relations in Prague to talk about the latest Novichok incident in Wiltshire.  Will this re-open recent wounds with the Russians?  And also how has the World Cup changed people’s perceptions of Russia.  A PR win for Putin?


Also MP Johnny Mercer is calling for a calmer debate when it comes to defence spending.


The UK’s Defence Budget is under scrutiny by the US ahead of next week’s NATO Summit and we look ahead to President Trump’s visit to the UK with Professor Michael Stathis from the University of Southern Utah.


And finally reporter Ali Gibson explores why members of the Armed Forces Community are more likely to feel socially isolated than the rest of the population.

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