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In this episode with Kate Gerbeau and Christopher Lee it’s all about the money……as Whitehall fights for more funds for defence.  We hear from the new Chief of Defence Staff General Sir Nick Carter.


Do service people get MOD backing when the going gets tough?  We hear from Major Robert Campbell, a retired Royal Engineer is facing an eighth investigation into alleged war crimes in Iraq for which he has previously been cleared.

Also, Kate speaks to Dr Helen Durham who is Director of International Law and Policy at the International Committee of the Red Cross about how the organisation is trying to stop atrocities in war before they happen.


Kate and Christopher are joined by Professor Paul Rogers from the University of Bradford.

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In Sitrep – it’s a big week for defence stories and in today’s Sitrep Kate Gerbeau and Christopher Lee look at threats to the defence budget.

Find out why Number 10’s  in a Grump with Trump over Putin.

NATO’s boss praises the UK but does anyone care?

Will Brexit black-out Britain's Euro Security pact?

And The RAF police the skies over Romania……

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In this episode Kate Gerbeau talks to Matthew Morris who is the UK spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross about the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Yemen.  BFBS defence Analyst Christopher Lee and Professor Michael Clarke formerly of RUSI join the conversation too to discuss the fact that the UK is a major supplier of weapons to Saudi Arabia.


Kate, Christopher and Professor Clarke also discuss the meeting between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and what might happen next.  They also talk about Trump and the G7.


You’ll also hear from reporter Ali Gibson who has been to see the huge NATO training exercise Saber Strike.


Also what happened to the missing Royal Marine Allan Addis who disappeared in the Falkland Islands nearly 38 years ago?  The Forces TV team have been investigating the case for a new documentary.


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In this episode with Kate Gerbeau and Christopher Lee:


NATO - the countdown’s on for the July summit meeting. This week defence ministers meet to plan how to strengthen the alliance’s military forces.  We talk to

RUSI’s International Director Jonathan Eyal about this as well as President’s Putin’s plans to entertain Kim Jong Un in Moscow.


The first operational American built F35's for the RAF have arrived in the UK – but can the UK afford all 138?  Aviation Analyst Paul Beaver has a view.


Amnesty International has asked Britain to “come clean” about its role in the deaths of hundreds of civilians during last year’s campaign to liberate the Syrian City of Raqqa.

We hear from Chris Woods from Airwars about who’s keeping count.


And finally the outgoing Chief of Defence Staff says fitness and medicals shouldn’t matter when recruiting the military’s new cyber warriors.


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