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On again, off again -- will the US/North Korea summit actually happen?

After Donald Trump abruptly cancelled the talks, now it seems they're back on -- Sitrep assess the likely next moves.

Plus the mysterious case of the Russian journalist who came back from the dead.

The latest campaign on behalf of Britain's nuclear test veterans, as officials face calls to apologise.

Six months into the job - how is Gavin Williamson doing?

And, we hear from the Sergeant-Major who wants to spend more time listening to soldiers.

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In this episode ….Why is morale so low in the Royal Marines?

The MOD announces Sea Ceptor, the Navy’s new supersonic missile defence system has officially entered service.

There’s a new way of recruiting for MI6….with TV ads.

War is Fun – really?  Dr Mike Martin addresses the sometimes uncomfortable psychology of war.

Elisabeth Braw non-resident senior fellow at The Atlantic Council explains why the Swedish government is telling the population to prepare for disaster, terrorism and even war.

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The North Korean summit – has Trump underestimated the Koreans?  We hear from Professor Robert E Kelly from

the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy at Pusan University in South Korea.


Are British pilots flying in a military muddle in the middle east?  We hear the realities of Operation Shader from Air Vice-Marshall Johnny Stringer as he briefs MPs


Back to Bosnia - why a former army officer turned GP, Dr Jonathan Leach has returned to Srebrenica.


Why the story of the Damnbusters Raid still has legendary status 75 years on - Steve Darlow, Ambassador for the RAF Benevolent Fund as well as a bomber command historian and author explains.


Why the military stands guard over the Royal wedding and which uniform will Prince Harry wear?

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This week’s episode looks at the mounting tensions in the Middle East after President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement.  Kate Gerbeau and Christopher Lee talk to Professor Rosemary Hollis from City University, London, Emeritis Professor Colin Schindler from SOAS, University of London and Professor Paul Rogers from the University of Bradford.


The Chief Executive of Save the Children, Kevin Watkins explains why the UK should become a global leader in protecting civilians in armed conflict.


HM Naval Base Clyde celebrates its 50th anniversary. We hear from the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Philip Jones.


The military historian Antony Beevor talks about his latest book: Arnhem, The Battle of the Bridges 1944


And what’s the story behind the man who is the new Head of the Army? Lt General Mark Carleton Smith.

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In this week’s episode:


Forces News Reporter Ali Gibson speaks to the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson at the end of Exercise Joint Warrior.


Civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria – who keeps count?  Kate Gerbeau and Christopher Lee discuss with Hamit Dardagan who is co-founder of Iraq Body Count and the charity Every Casualty Worldwide.


NATO is neglecting its navies whilst Russia is rebuilding its Fleet according to Professor Peter Roberts from RUSI.


And, why is Trump so against the Iran nuclear agreement?  Professor Michael Stathis joins us from the University of Southern Utah.


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