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NYF and Sony Radio Award winning Sitrep brings you discussion and analysis on defence, foreign policy and the stories affecting the British Forces. Presented by Kate Gerbeau with defence analyst Christopher Lee.

Sitrep speaks to NATO's Secretary General about Russia, Syria and Ukraine.

How anti-extremists are hoping to stop radicalisation through the arts.

What HMS Ocean is doing on Exercise Trident Juncture in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Commando Doctor who is making Battlefield Medicine work in peacetime.

And MI5 tells us why our emails have to be bugged.



PRESENTER THIS WEEK: Paula Middlehurst

Studio guest: Christopher Lee & Russia Analyst Martin McCauley




NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

BFBS reporter James Hirst


Nato, Russia & Syria

Russia Analyst Martin McCauley as well as our own defence analyst Christopher Lee


NATO Exercise Trident Juncture

Commander of the helicopter carrier, assault ship and Royal Navy Flagship, HMS Ocean.



Countering radicalisation through the arts

Nazish Khan i- Quilliam's Arts Practitioner/Researcher


World Extreme Medicine Conference

Surgeon Commander Dr Jamie Philips


THURSDAYS at 4:30pm UK TIME on BFBS RADIO 2 and at 6:30pm UK TIME on BFBS & UK Bases


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SITREP TRAIL THURS, 22nd October (TIM COOPER presenting)


This week in Sitrep - The story of migrants in Cyprus,

Cyber security fears behind the Chinese deal to build the UK's new Nuclear power station.

The United Nations is 70 years old on Saturday - but do we expect too much?

NATO's biggest exercise in ten years takes to Land, Sea and Air. But who's the enemy?

Plus The Paras get their Pegasus back and what it takes to be a poppy seller.

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SITREP TRAIL THURS, 15th October (Kate Gerbeau presenting)


American troops are to stay longer in Afghanistan as the security situation gets worse.

In Syria – the USA and Russia talk airspace while Lord Robertson says Britain should carry out airstrikes there.

Israel, is another Gaza war on the way?

And Trident - the SNP say it must still go.

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SITREP TRAIL THURS, 8th October (Kate Gerbeau presenting)


Nato demands Russia to stop its Syrian operation- but will they take any notice?

And, as tensions rise in Europe, the UK is sending troops to the Baltics

Why America must rethink total withdrawal plans in Afghanistan,

Sitrep speaks to the journalist that went to see one of America’s most wanted in Moscow

Plus: Rugby - England are out but Britain's defence forces scrum down for triumph.

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