BFBS Radio Sitrep
NYF and Sony Radio Award winning Sitrep brings you discussion and analysis on defence, foreign policy and the stories affecting the British Forces. Presented by Kate Gerbeau with defence analyst Christopher Lee.

There’s warnings from UK and US commanders in Afghanistan ahead of the summer fighting season


And there’s concern in Pakistan as they head towards national elections


As America reacts to North Korea’s rhetoric just how seriously should we be taking the threat?


Plus:  the RAF celebrates 95 years – but what will the air force look like in the future?




STUDIO GUESTS:  BFBS’s defence analyst, Christopher Lee





Forces News’ reporter James Hirst reporting from Camp Bastion


Jason Strother, a reporter based in Seoul, discussing the North Korean crisis


Air Marshall Sir John Walker –Chief of the Intelligence Staff from 1991 to 1994, discussing the Korean crisis and also talking about the RAF


Elizabeth Quintana – an expert in unmanned air vehicles and the use of space assets at the Royal United Services Institute, looking at the future of the RAF


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