BFBS Radio Sitrep
NYF and Sony Radio Award winning Sitrep brings you discussion and analysis on defence, foreign policy and the stories affecting the British Forces. Presented by Kate Gerbeau with defence analyst Christopher Lee.

Is the Hostage crisis in Algeria retaliation against the French intervention in Mali or something else?
Why Russia’s top general tells Nato that Afghanistan pull out spells disaster
Are forces children getting a good deal when it comes to their education?
And what prompts A-listers like David Beckham and Ray Winstone to visit injured troops in hospital?
PRESENTER:  Kate Gerbeau

STUDIO GUESTS:  BFBS’s defence analyst, Christopher Lee
Analytst Jon Marks on Algeria
BBC Mark Doyle in Mali
Headteacher Su Scrimshaw telling us what it’s like to run a school where the majority of students are from Forces’ families.
Sir Bob Russell from the Commons Defence Select Committee discussing Service children’s education
Forces News reporter Claire Sadler talking to actor Ray Winstone
You can listen on BFBS Radio 2 at 1630 (UK time) and on BFBS Radio at 1830 (UK time)
Alternatively listen again on the website.

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