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SITREP Thursday 28 July 
The reasons behind the UK's decisionto recognise the Libyan rebels as Libya’s sole power
What’s the prognosis of the Arabspring -  is it fizzling out ?
Plus, Sitrep finds out how Forces’ familiesare coping as the Army faces even more redundancies
And, the political consequences of therecent explosions in Cyprus.
PRESENTER:      Kate Gerbau
STUDIO GUESTS:  BFBS’s defenceanalyst, Christopher Lee.  & Major General Julian Thompson, formercommander of the Royal Marines
Fawaz Gerges,Professor of Middle Eastern Policy at the London School of Economics.
Oliver Miles,former UK ambassador to Libya
Catherine Spencer, Army Families Federation
Tabitha Morgan, Cypriot analyst

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What sort of shape will the UK's army be in after yet more cuts are announced? 
And what impact will it have on morale?
Why the hand-over of Lashkar Gah is critical to Afghanistan's future instrumental was the campaign to save RAF Lossiemouth in securing the base's future?

STUDIO GUEST:  BFBS’s defence analyst, Christopher Lee. 
Lt General Sir Graeme Lamb & MP Patrick Mercer on the cuts to the Army and the increase in reserves.
George McIntyre, Convener of Moray Council and part of the 'save Lossiemouth campaign'.
BFBS's Rob Olver, in Afghanistan on the handover of Lashkar Gah
Kim Sengupta, The Independent's defence correspondent, on Afghanistan.

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The verdict on the Chinook crash – why did it take so long to clear the pilots?
The fragile relationship between America and Pakistan comes under more pressure.
And Afghanistan’s security policy is questioned after the assassination of President Karzai’s half-brother. Plus: Sitrep gets the NATO perspective on the Libyan campaign.

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In an exclusive interview the Secretary of Statefor Defence. Liam Fox,  gives Sitrep his views on the MoD, defence cuts, Libya &Afghanistan .......

We get the reaction from the Royal British Legionand from troops in Afghanistan to the phone-hacking allegations

Plus...... what the Afghan National Army can learnfrom Sierra Leone..

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