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Sitrep 31st March (presented today by Paul Osbourne)

How long can the coalition hold together in Libya?

Is the RAF about to run out of pilots?

Why there's a growing role for reservists in Afghanistan

And what did the Government apologise for in Northern Ireland?

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In Sitrep today....

In Libya - who’s running the military operation?  What’s the objective?  And is there an exit strategy?

Plus the other Middle East countries on the brink of revolution

And, in Afghanistan as seven provinces are handed over to Afghan security forces, is the end in sight ?

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The continuing crisis in the Middle east


A top General tells Sitrep he's optimistic about progress in Afghanistan but also urges caution


What role would Brtish forces play if the UK had a nuclear emergency?


The Cold War ended a long time ago so why are Russian bombers trying to penetrate British Airspace


And a special tribute for the town that's honoured our fallen soldiers

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In this week’s Sitrep….


Why the MoD says there’ll be no U-turn on defence cuts,


How should the international community respond to the crisis in Libya?


And how did the SAS operation in the desert go so badly wrong?


Plus: why China is boosting its influence in Afghanistan

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Who’ll win the tug of war over Libya’s future?
The harsh realities of the Defence Review as each Service prepares for job losses 
The renewed push for a  political surge in Afghanistan
And a career change for veterans - from the front-line to the classroom

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