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NYF and Sony Radio Award winning Sitrep brings you discussion and analysis on defence, foreign policy and the stories affecting the British Forces. Presented by Kate Gerbeau with defence analyst Christopher Lee.
Sitrep July 29th 2010

In Sitrep today ....Pakistan and Taliban - friend or foe? Why the MOD got it wrong for widows and orphans. Why General Jackson says the Iraq war was legal. Why European allies have no right to criticise UK forces. Why the mole has yet to blow his whistle. Why Cameron wants Turkey inside the tent . And, what do KGB agents sing when they get to the pub? Find out in Sitrep with Christopher Lee & guests, 430pm live online and on BFBS Radio 2.

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Sitrep July 22nd 2010

This week: Are there too many 2 Stars in the Armed Forces? The latest on the Defence Review Afghanistan - is it really an unwinnable war?  Iraq -The slaughter goes on, as does the Iraq Inquiry. Plus North Korea  - more sanctions and the US sends in the really big flat top and Turkey - talking to the enemy, and why it's best to throw and not drop a clanger? 

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Sitrep July 15th 2010

In this edition of Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guestst: Afghanistan – have we got itwrong?And next week – the biggest security headache arrives in Afghanistan.  What do we do when Israel bombs Iran?  Plus China’s Military is on the Long Marchbut where’s it going? Sea Sunday – let’s not forget  AND, Nelson’s naval letter – but not a word toFleet Street.

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Sitrep July 8th 2010

In this Sitrep....Defence cuts - it’s official. UK troops move over in Helmand, but why has it taken so long to announce the obvious?. Why corruption and money laundering are good business in Kabul. A missile deal in Iraq: was the MOD totally incompetent or totally uncaring in the manner it treated families of Service people killed in action. And Spy wapping - the US and Russia are at it again. That’s all in Sitrep, with Christopher  Lee and guests.

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Sitrep July 1st 2010

In Sitrep today ....The Taliban bomb - scare stories or could the terrorists really get a nuclear trigger?  Afghanistan after McChrystal - are we losing it?  Liars or fools -  who's hiding the truth about why we went to Iraq?   PLUS: Prisoner torture - is MI5 being economical with the truth and has the time come to sell off Dartmouth, Sandhurst and Cranwell?

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