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Sitrep 24th June 2010


This week's/today's Sitrep  looks at the upcoming strategic defence review:

what is it? Is it possible to get it right? And, what will happen to each

Service: The Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Army, the Royal Air Force

and let’s not forget the fringe: robotics, Intelligence, Information, and

the Media .  Find out in Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests on BFBS

Radio 2, 4pm UK time, listen again and on-line.


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Sitrep June 17th 2010

In Sitrep today ....Afghanistan - Another lost cause? Or, the war that never was.  President Obama - proving no one can win three wars at once.  In Iraq - why the Iranians say bombing's easier than war.  In Pakistan - why the Intelligence people say Taliban's the best bet to avoid war, and in  Karachi - why banning demos won't keep the bombers out PLUS: Bloody Sunday - the ones who got away. and NATO - does it really need Montenegro?  All the answers in Sitrep, with Christopher  Lee and guests  4pm uk time, on BFBS Radio 2, on-line and listen again.


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Sitrep June 10th 2010

In this week's Sitrep.......The long, ho, lethal summer ahead in Afghanistanbut what if  Pakistan could control the insurgents? China - can she control North Korea and WIKILEAKS - could the website become the biggest thing since the Freedom of Information Act
That's all in Sitrep, with Christopher  Lee and guests  4pm uk time, on BFBS Radio 2, on-line and listen again.

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Sitrep June 3rd 2010

In today’s Sitrep.......Free Gaza? Or handing terrorists victory on a plate  Are western leaders too cowardly to save lives.  Arms sales: Why we're all broke except the arms salesmen.  The Iraq Inquiry - what the Americans told the Chilcott team.  Why a funeral in Belfast tomorrow says the Troubles have not all gone away.  Why the real Intelligence War is in Washington DC. the Chief of the Defence Staff really worth it?

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