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Sitrep March 25th 2010

In Sitrep today: Afghanistan - why the answers are harder than the questions, why we need to talk to the enemy and the Taliban on-line.  Is Iraq a mess or a miracle?  Is the foreign office going bust?  Why the pirates are heading East.  The latest Middle East crisis - why isn't it obvious?  And corruption at Westminster - but we still tell others to clean up their act.  That's all in Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests at 4pm on BFBS Radio 2, on-line and listen again.

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Sitrep March 18th 2010

In Sitrep today: Soft power, hard power, nuclear power, cyber-war, organized crime – is that the future for defence? Plus, cutting nuclear weapons down to size – but is size everything?

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Sitrep March 11th 2010

Afghanistan, why the foreign office thinks President Karzai's lost it. Israel, why Jerusalem's not negotiable.  The Coroner has spoken, but is it too simple to blame Gordon Brown?  The future's in Cyberspace, but who's listening in the MOD?  And...can the government really gag the Media ?

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Sitrep March 4th 2010

Why don’t we trust the MoD? And why assassinations are an everyday part of democracy in Iraq.

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