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NYF and Sony Radio Award winning Sitrep brings you discussion and analysis on defence, foreign policy and the stories affecting the British Forces. Presented by Kate Gerbeau with defence analyst Christopher Lee.
This week,  a special edition of Sitrep looking back at the big stories of the year that made the headlines in the Forces' world.  From SDSR to  Afghanistan, Korea, the Middle East and many more - it's all in the Sitrep review of 2010 with Kate Gerbau and a panel of defence experts.
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Sitrep looks at the reasons why the experts are saying the strategy in Afghanistan isn’t working
What’s the future for defence spending and procurement
Find out what’s being done to counter Islamic extremism in the UK
And, find out why the number of  homeless ex-Forces personnel has fallen dramatically in the last 10 years.

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In this week's programme....


The true definition of the Military Covenant and what’s it means for Forces’ Families


Analysis of the  continuing fall-out from Wikileaks


What’s behind the latest spying allegations?


And, could climate change trigger the next war?

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In this week's Sitrep..............


There's been more Wikileaks - but how damaging are they and what's still to come?


The story of how one woman's determination changed forever the repatriation process for servicemen and women.


And we say farewell to Ark Royal as it head towards Portsmouth

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In this week's Sitrep
What's behind North Korea's attack on the South ?
The highs and lows of the Nato summit
Is the army doing enough to tackle bullying
Plus: the fight to save RAF Leuchars


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In this week’s Sitrep ….what’s on the agenda at the Lisbon  Nato conference?


The EU’s Naval Force talks about its continuing fight against pirates off Somalia


Why the governments paying compensation to former Guantanamo prisoners.


And In Germany, concerns by top brass that the withdrawal of British Forces there will be ‘difficult’

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In this week's Sitrep, Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, explains why he's backing the fight to save Lossiemouth
Did torture prevent terrorist attacks on the UK?
And why some veterans think the Poppy Appeal is too glitzy

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How do you stop Yemen turning into the next Afghanistan?

The Anglo-French defence treaty - what it really means for British defence

What now for the President Obama after the mid-term elections; will the results change America's policy in Afghanistan?

And, what is rare earth and why it could be the new gold.

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In this week's Sitrep...


The outgoing CGS, SirJock Stirrup, explains why he’ll still be fighting for an increase in defencespending, and the head of the Defence Select Committee on what they’ll beinvestigating after the results of the Defence Review


Plus: Wikileaks; why releasethe documents now?

And...Why the Royal BritishLegion’s Poppy appeal  is more appealingthan ever

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After months' of speculation the Government’sStrategic Defence and Security Review has finally been published.
This week's special edition of Sitrep willl go beyond the headlines, to find out what it means for our forcesin the years ahead, and for Britain's position on the world stage.

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In this week’s Sitrep, could the war in  Afghanistan spill into Pakistan


The latest terror alerts in the UK & Europe –are they exaggerated or a genuine threat


Plus: the Royal Navy and the SDSR - the story behind the headlines


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Sitrep 23 September

In today’s programme...Sitrep looks back at the British troops' mission in Sangin – was it a success?


Fact or fiction: the experts' verdict on the latest rumours to hit the forthcoming Strategic Defence and  Security Review..


Plus: could a solar flare cause as much damage as a nuclear weapon?

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Today’s Sitrep looks at this week’s criticism of the defence review and asks just how radical it might be.

Plus: A look ahead to this weekend’s Afghan elections

And the latest on the fragile security situation in Northern Ireland.

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Sitrep August 26th 2010

Part one of our two part review of the global defencepicture that anyone in the services today should know about – it’s the world you could be fighting in and for.  Today: we ask what’s going on inthe world and where do we fit in?


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Sitrep August 19th 2010

In this week’s Sitrep: Is Peace Worth Fighting For?  Given the outright opposition to the Gulf War and to the motives of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair for taking the UK into that war and, the increasing public opinion that the Afghanistan War is unwinnable, the question Is Peace Worth Fighting For? Is worth answering.

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Sitrep August 12th 2010

In this week's Sitrep Cyber Warfare. The future? Is it now? What is it? What can it do and who does it? Could cyber warriors really turn off all the military communications and computers and literally bring a major operation crashing to chaos? And... who could and who does hack into the most closely guarded coms find out in a Sitrep special on Cyber warfare.

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Sitrep 5th August 2010
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Sitrep July 29th 2010

In Sitrep today ....Pakistan and Taliban - friend or foe? Why the MOD got it wrong for widows and orphans. Why General Jackson says the Iraq war was legal. Why European allies have no right to criticise UK forces. Why the mole has yet to blow his whistle. Why Cameron wants Turkey inside the tent . And, what do KGB agents sing when they get to the pub? Find out in Sitrep with Christopher Lee & guests, 430pm live online and on BFBS Radio 2.

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Sitrep July 22nd 2010

This week: Are there too many 2 Stars in the Armed Forces? The latest on the Defence Review Afghanistan - is it really an unwinnable war?  Iraq -The slaughter goes on, as does the Iraq Inquiry. Plus North Korea  - more sanctions and the US sends in the really big flat top and Turkey - talking to the enemy, and why it's best to throw and not drop a clanger? 

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Sitrep July 15th 2010

In this edition of Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guestst: Afghanistan – have we got itwrong?And next week – the biggest security headache arrives in Afghanistan.  What do we do when Israel bombs Iran?  Plus China’s Military is on the Long Marchbut where’s it going? Sea Sunday – let’s not forget  AND, Nelson’s naval letter – but not a word toFleet Street.

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Sitrep July 8th 2010

In this Sitrep....Defence cuts - it’s official. UK troops move over in Helmand, but why has it taken so long to announce the obvious?. Why corruption and money laundering are good business in Kabul. A missile deal in Iraq: was the MOD totally incompetent or totally uncaring in the manner it treated families of Service people killed in action. And Spy wapping - the US and Russia are at it again. That’s all in Sitrep, with Christopher  Lee and guests.

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Sitrep July 1st 2010

In Sitrep today ....The Taliban bomb - scare stories or could the terrorists really get a nuclear trigger?  Afghanistan after McChrystal - are we losing it?  Liars or fools -  who's hiding the truth about why we went to Iraq?   PLUS: Prisoner torture - is MI5 being economical with the truth and has the time come to sell off Dartmouth, Sandhurst and Cranwell?

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Sitrep 24th June 2010


This week's/today's Sitrep  looks at the upcoming strategic defence review:

what is it? Is it possible to get it right? And, what will happen to each

Service: The Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Army, the Royal Air Force

and let’s not forget the fringe: robotics, Intelligence, Information, and

the Media .  Find out in Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests on BFBS

Radio 2, 4pm UK time, listen again and on-line.


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Sitrep June 17th 2010

In Sitrep today ....Afghanistan - Another lost cause? Or, the war that never was.  President Obama - proving no one can win three wars at once.  In Iraq - why the Iranians say bombing's easier than war.  In Pakistan - why the Intelligence people say Taliban's the best bet to avoid war, and in  Karachi - why banning demos won't keep the bombers out PLUS: Bloody Sunday - the ones who got away. and NATO - does it really need Montenegro?  All the answers in Sitrep, with Christopher  Lee and guests  4pm uk time, on BFBS Radio 2, on-line and listen again.


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Sitrep June 10th 2010

In this week's Sitrep.......The long, ho, lethal summer ahead in Afghanistanbut what if  Pakistan could control the insurgents? China - can she control North Korea and WIKILEAKS - could the website become the biggest thing since the Freedom of Information Act
That's all in Sitrep, with Christopher  Lee and guests  4pm uk time, on BFBS Radio 2, on-line and listen again.

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Sitrep June 3rd 2010

In today’s Sitrep.......Free Gaza? Or handing terrorists victory on a plate  Are western leaders too cowardly to save lives.  Arms sales: Why we're all broke except the arms salesmen.  The Iraq Inquiry - what the Americans told the Chilcott team.  Why a funeral in Belfast tomorrow says the Troubles have not all gone away.  Why the real Intelligence War is in Washington DC. the Chief of the Defence Staff really worth it?

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Sitrep May 27th 2010

Is Obama waiting for the UK to quit Afghanistan? In the Middle East - the Blair-Bush experiment & the damage to the UK. In the UK, the SDR defence review  - will it be worth the paper it’s written on? Plus the new surge: this time it’s Intelligence Gathering. And in Dunkirk - little ships rescuing historyThat's all in Sitrep, with Christopher Lee and guests.

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Sitrep 20th May 2010
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Sitrep 13th May 2010
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Sitrep May 6th 2010

In today's Sitrep: Sitrep brings you a special discussion on the world the newly-elected prime minister will be facing.  What will be at the top of his in-tray?  Where are today's global hot-spots? Let Sitrep take you around the world to find out.  Join Christopher  Lee and guests 4pm uk time, on BFBS Radio 2, on-line and listen again.

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Sitrep April 29th 2010

Sitrep Trail 29 April

In today’s Sitrep: Afghanistan: Why no one knows how to fix it and why they never did.  Iraq: Why the killing goes on and why we should still care.  Northern Ireland: Why the dissidents won’t go away and nor can the police Scuds & thuds: Who’s handing out the Scuds and who they pointing at.  And...why the junk navy sails again

That’s all  in Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests at 4pm on BFBS Radio 2, on-line and listen again.

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Sitrep April 22nd 2010

The Great Debate - this week it's Defence & Foreign Affairs but do Brown, Cameron & Clegg really know what they're talking about? The new security challenges: is the UK up to them? Cyprus after the elections: what's the future for the whole island? And The Volcano - the true power in the land. Plus: why Bligh wasn't just of the Bounty and...and why Brits can't test drive national pride.

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Sitrep April 15th 2010

Is the Defence Debate - sterile or virile?  Why are there thousands of ex-service personnel in prison. Why the Americans are quitting Death Valley.  Will Kyrgistan be the next honeypot for terrorists? Should we like Russia - and do they like us? What's the vision thing? Who had it, who has it, and,  who needs it?

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Sitrep 8th April 2010
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Sitrep April 1st 2010

In Sitrep today: Afghanistan - can we trust the journalists there to tell us

the real story. In Iraq - are the politicians dumping on democracy & are the

Iranians winding up both sides.

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Sitrep March 25th 2010

In Sitrep today: Afghanistan - why the answers are harder than the questions, why we need to talk to the enemy and the Taliban on-line.  Is Iraq a mess or a miracle?  Is the foreign office going bust?  Why the pirates are heading East.  The latest Middle East crisis - why isn't it obvious?  And corruption at Westminster - but we still tell others to clean up their act.  That's all in Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests at 4pm on BFBS Radio 2, on-line and listen again.

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Sitrep March 18th 2010

In Sitrep today: Soft power, hard power, nuclear power, cyber-war, organized crime – is that the future for defence? Plus, cutting nuclear weapons down to size – but is size everything?

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Sitrep March 11th 2010

Afghanistan, why the foreign office thinks President Karzai's lost it. Israel, why Jerusalem's not negotiable.  The Coroner has spoken, but is it too simple to blame Gordon Brown?  The future's in Cyberspace, but who's listening in the MOD?  And...can the government really gag the Media ?

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Sitrep March 4th 2010

Why don’t we trust the MoD? And why assassinations are an everyday part of democracy in Iraq.

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Sitrep 25th February

In today's Sitrep:   Why Obama can't win in America.  After 10 long years

the Bloody Sunday Inquiry report is due to be published - but what will it


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Sitrep February 18th 2010

Day by day analysis of Operation Moshtarak and how World War II thinking

could save Afghanistan from Taliban.

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Sitrep February 11th 2010

In this week's programme: Helmand - why Moshtarak is make or break in

Helmand and why Trident won't be up for grabs in the strategic defence


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Sitrep February 4th 2010

Why does the navy has more admirals than warships? Why are there are more
civvies in MOD than the RN & RAF put together?

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Sitrep January 28th 2010

Afghanistan - promises promises promises - but we're in it for the long

haul.  And The Blair Witch Trial - not many friends left in court

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Sitrep January 21st 2010 Why MI6 turned its back on real Intelligence. Should we sing happy birthday Mr President and Why next week's Afghanistan Summit is part of the UK election campaign
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Sitrep January 14th 2010 In Sitrep today.....Liar or Genius - why the Blair Trial started this week.
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Sitrep January 7th 2010 Why Yemen is such a bear trap for the UK and US
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Sitrep December 31st 2009 Sitrep's annual review of not just the year gone by, but the decade, and a look ahead to 2010.
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