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NYF and Sony Radio Award winning Sitrep brings you discussion and analysis on defence, foreign policy and the stories affecting the British Forces. Presented by Kate Gerbeau with defence analyst Christopher Lee.
Sitrep July 30th 2009 General Dannatt’s latest salvo at government on Afghanistan but will MOD & Number Ten dodge the real issues? And....just  how good are British forces in Helmand?
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Sitrep July 23rd 2009 Everyone’s talking helicopters for Helmand...but isn’t that a smokescreen. Isn’t the real story this: we’re in the wrong war. Strategy’s being written on the hoof. True or false? Answers in Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests .
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Sitrep July 16th 2009

In Sitrep today: Afghanistan: men & equipment. Politics gone mad or incompetent military planning?  Who’s right?  Who’s wrong? Prisoner handling...why it’s so easy to break the rules;  Is the CIA still in the assassination business?  And...does the first sea lord have to be a physicist and ... Do commanders talk too much and do we believe politicians or the military?  That’s all in today’s Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests on BFBS.

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Sitrep July 9th 2009 In Sitrep today: Afghanistan – why the MOD thinks we have to be told why we’re there; Drone Warfare – does it do what the brochures says it does; is the proposed MOD Green Paper a con; arms control – is it all a myth or an invention of the weapons trade; why the Met’s counter-terrorism budget can’t escape cuts; the Pope & the UN and highly does Gordon Brown rate the Defence Secretary?  All that and more in Sitrep, 4pm uk time today, with Christopher Lee and guests.
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Sitrep July 2nd 2009 No money so no defence. Is that the no-brainer for the next ten years in the MOD? Plus: Foreign media students in a top London college....what are they after? And, is it really possible to persuade disaffected Muslims to give terrorism a miss?
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