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Sitrep December 24th 2009

What sort of equipment would all three services wish for in the 2010


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Sitrep December 17th 2009 What sort of equipment would all three services wish for in the 2010 stocking?
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Sitrep December 10th 2009 Why did the MI6 man blink? Why did generals fail their IQ tests? And why are warheads on foreheads doing the business? Obama has spoken
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Sitrep December 3rd 2009 Obama has spoken: now what happens? Is the war on terrorism all done by July 20-11 or is that election speak?
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Sitrep November 26th 2009
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Sitrep November 19th 2009 Karzai speaks but does anyone believe he can deliver? 
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Sitrep November 12th 2009 Afghanistan: Waiting for Obama & why Brown doesn’t really matter.  Plus, Iraq - the stench of oil and the whiff of fudge.
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Sitrep November 5th 2009 Why more people are saying troops out of Afghanistan plus....Berlin - the day the wall came down, were we really free?
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Sitrep October 29th 2009 In today's Sitrep...How to fight extremism in Pakistan
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Sitrep October 22nd 2009 What does the war in Pakistan mean for British troops long term?
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Sitrep October 15th 2009 Why is the MOD always in the political firing line? Should the military be
kicked out of the MOD...and why the battle against Taliban is in Pakistan.
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Sitrep October 8th 2009 Why No 10 can't handle the  noisy generals?
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Sitrep October 1st 2009 Are we about to see a completely new plan on Afghanistan? Is America asking the big question: why are we here? Because if America is, then so must the UK.
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Sitrep September 24th 2009 Why one Trident less won't fix the defence budget and why not put the Afghanistan budget into Homeland Security?
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Sitrep September 17th 2009 The truth about defence cuts - why they would completely change the face of the military...line by line analysis in today's edition of Sitrep.
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Sitrep September 10th 2009 Has PM Gordon Brown got it wrong about Afghanistan? How arms sales boost the economy, are the bombers back in Northern Ireland and why didn't the world come to an end yesterday as advertised?
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Sitrep September 3rd 2009 On the anniversary of the outbreak of World War 11 today's Sitrep presents
your personal guide to one hundred years of  the days war broke out, plus a
global round up of the world's hotspots
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Sitrep August 20th 2009 Today we're looking at famous speeches and the leaders who made them .
Famous military leaders have played with words to inspire troops, indeed,
nations. We all know famous ones like 'fight them on the beaches',. 'Never
in the history of so many' etc. But are words that valuable?  Find out in
this special edition of Sitrep.
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Sitrep August 13th 2009 Do you think Britain should have nuclear warheads? Should the UK renew
Trident? Is it just a military question? What about the morality of the
mushroom? Hear what the experts say with Christopher Lee  and guests.
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Sitrep August 6th 2009 Why are the political knives out for General Dannatt? And why is Washington gunning for the UK’s X-file hunter?
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Sitrep July 30th 2009 General Dannatt’s latest salvo at government on Afghanistan but will MOD & Number Ten dodge the real issues? And....just  how good are British forces in Helmand?
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Sitrep July 23rd 2009 Everyone’s talking helicopters for Helmand...but isn’t that a smokescreen. Isn’t the real story this: we’re in the wrong war. Strategy’s being written on the hoof. True or false? Answers in Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests .
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Sitrep July 16th 2009

In Sitrep today: Afghanistan: men & equipment. Politics gone mad or incompetent military planning?  Who’s right?  Who’s wrong? Prisoner handling...why it’s so easy to break the rules;  Is the CIA still in the assassination business?  And...does the first sea lord have to be a physicist and ... Do commanders talk too much and do we believe politicians or the military?  That’s all in today’s Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests on BFBS.

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Sitrep July 9th 2009 In Sitrep today: Afghanistan – why the MOD thinks we have to be told why we’re there; Drone Warfare – does it do what the brochures says it does; is the proposed MOD Green Paper a con; arms control – is it all a myth or an invention of the weapons trade; why the Met’s counter-terrorism budget can’t escape cuts; the Pope & the UN and highly does Gordon Brown rate the Defence Secretary?  All that and more in Sitrep, 4pm uk time today, with Christopher Lee and guests.
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Sitrep July 2nd 2009 No money so no defence. Is that the no-brainer for the next ten years in the MOD? Plus: Foreign media students in a top London college....what are they after? And, is it really possible to persuade disaffected Muslims to give terrorism a miss?
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Sitrep June 25th 2009 Caring for service men and women in need - why can't MOD get it right? Plus: More body-bags in Iraq & Afghanistan - why the figures don't impress the British media. That's all in today's Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests.
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Sitrep June 18th 2009 In Sitrep today.....Iran – is this really the end of the Islamic Revolution & do western governments really want that anyway?   And in spite of the rhetoric, America & UK are having to think how they learn to live with North Korea’s bomb   Plus...why Mossad is telling Israelis to keep off Facebook, the public outcry over the private Iraq war the pen really mightier than the sword?  That’s all in today’s Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests
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Sitrep June 11th 2009 In today’s Sitrep..... AFGHANISTAN: Just 18 months to win the war; Interrogation: what are the rules & who breaks them?  . IRAN: voting starts in the morning. Who will win? NORTHERN IRELAND: Why the Omagh bombers are not behind bars ARMS SALES: who are the big spenders? KOREA: Has the Dear Leader beaten us all at our own game  and Balkan hide & seek: why Radovan Karadzic was always one step ahead of the BBC’s war-crimes catcher.  All that in today’s Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests on BFBS.
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Sitrep June 4th 2009 Does the White House really know where it’s going in the Middle east?  Could we really be heading for a war with North Korea? Does Israel really think war with Iran is inevitable? And do we really need a 65th anniversary D-Day bash - or is it all cynical politics?  Find out in this week's Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests

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Sitrep May 28th 2009 British troops have pulled out of Iraq. Was it all worth it? And after Iraq, what does the rest of the world think of us? Aliens from a colonial time machine? American poodles? Or...the professionals who got it right and didn't outstay their welcome? How others see us ... And would we do it ever again? That's this week's special edition of Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests.
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Sitrep May 21st 2009

In today’s Sitrep..... dozens killed & wounded in Baghdad bombings – but does the great British public care anymore? Why has President Obama fallen into the torture chamber of US politics? Did MI5 cock-up or simply fail to cope over the July 2005 `London bombings? Why do governments slag off the Israelis over the failure of any movement in the Middle East peace process? The answers in Sitrep with Christopher Lee and guests.

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Sitrep May 14th 2009

Why does the MoD have such problem with its equipment; do warriors get enough exercise; why the government won’t allow Iraqi interpreters into the UK; the real reason why Washington has sacked the ISAF general; the real reason why Pakistan is at long last facing up to Taliban; why the UN is front-runner for the 2009 Really Useless award; And piracy – how is the ransom money handed over, by whom and to whom? Oh, and do you know why sailors say aye aye....? 

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Sitrep May 7th 2009 This week's programme looks at the future of Devonport Naval Base, as well as the growing crisis in the border regions of Pakistan...
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Sitrep April 30th 2009 Iraq dominates this week, but Christopher Lee and guests also look at Britain's new policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan...
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