BFBS Radio Sitrep
NYF and Sony Radio Award winning Sitrep brings you discussion and analysis on defence, foreign policy and the stories affecting the British Forces. Presented by Kate Gerbeau with defence analyst Christopher Lee.

Two years on & the Syrian conflict is ongoing – is there anything the international community can do end hostilities?


Concerns what an Independent Scotland will mean for defence…


How serious are North Korea’s threats to use nuclear weapons


How advances in frontline trauma care benefit not only the armed forces but also the NHS


And, find out what the new Pope thinks about the Falklands Islands……..



STUDIO GUESTS:  BFBS’s defence analyst, Christopher Lee





Sir Andrew Green, former ambassador to Syria

Andrea Berger, an expert on nuclear issues at the Royal United Services

British Forces News reporter Fiona Weir reporting from the hospital at Camp Bastion.

Surgeon Commodore Alasdair Walker, Medical Director at Joint Medical Command

You can listen on BFBS Radio 2 at 1630 (UK time) and on BFBS Radio at 1830 (UK time)

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