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NYF and Sony Radio Award winning Sitrep brings you discussion and analysis on defence, foreign policy and the stories affecting the British Forces. Presented by Kate Gerbeau with defence analyst Christopher Lee.

SITREP TRAIL THURS, 9th August 2018 *James Hirst presents today*


This week's Sitrep looks at how Britain's military could play a big role in the country's post-Brexit future. The Defence Secretary's been talking up Britain's position as a global player in a speech in Washington DC -- but is he making promises the military can afford to keep?


As the US imposes sanctions on Russia over the Salisbury poisoning, relations between Nato and Moscow are under strain over Georgia. Ten years after the brief war between Georgian and Russian forces, thousands of NATO troops are in Georgia for exercises, as the Russians warn of a "terrible conflict" if Georgia ever joins the alliance. Is that ever likely to happen?


Also this week, Sitrep hears from one of the leading figures in the campaign to end investigations into shootings by Army veterans in Northern Ireland, and the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Amiens – find out why it was such an important moment in World War 1.

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