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Sitrep is a unique current affairs radio programme produced by the British Forces News team with expert analysis of Defence and Foreign Affairs as our agenda. Presented by Kate Gerbeau and featuring our Forces News Defence Analyst Christopher Lee, Sitrep is the only place on radio where you'll find a comprehensive look back at the week's most significant events in defence and foreign affairs.
This week,  a special edition of Sitrep looking back at the big stories of the year that made the headlines in the Forces' world.  From SDSR to  Afghanistan, Korea, the Middle East and many more - it's all in the Sitrep review of 2010 with Kate Gerbau and a panel of defence experts.
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Sitrep looks at the reasons why the experts are saying the strategy in Afghanistan isn’t working
What’s the future for defence spending and procurement
Find out what’s being done to counter Islamic extremism in the UK
And, find out why the number of  homeless ex-Forces personnel has fallen dramatically in the last 10 years.

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In this week's programme....


The true definition of the Military Covenant and what’s it means for Forces’ Families


Analysis of the  continuing fall-out from Wikileaks


What’s behind the latest spying allegations?


And, could climate change trigger the next war?

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In this week's Sitrep..............


There's been more Wikileaks - but how damaging are they and what's still to come?


The story of how one woman's determination changed forever the repatriation process for servicemen and women.


And we say farewell to Ark Royal as it head towards Portsmouth

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