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Sitrep is a unique current affairs radio programme produced by the British Forces News team with expert analysis of Defence and Foreign Affairs as our agenda. Presented by Kate Gerbeau and featuring our Forces News Defence Analyst Christopher Lee, Sitrep is the only place on radio where you'll find a comprehensive look back at the week's most significant events in defence and foreign affairs.
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Sitrep 23 September

In today’s programme...Sitrep looks back at the British troops' mission in Sangin – was it a success?


Fact or fiction: the experts' verdict on the latest rumours to hit the forthcoming Strategic Defence and  Security Review..


Plus: could a solar flare cause as much damage as a nuclear weapon?

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Today’s Sitrep looks at this week’s criticism of the defence review and asks just how radical it might be.

Plus: A look ahead to this weekend’s Afghan elections

And the latest on the fragile security situation in Northern Ireland.

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