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Sitrep is a unique current affairs radio programme produced by the British Forces News team with expert analysis of Defence and Foreign Affairs as our agenda. Presented by Kate Gerbeau and featuring our Forces News Defence Analyst Christopher Lee, Sitrep is the only place on radio where you'll find a comprehensive look back at the week's most significant events in defence and foreign affairs.
Sitrep August 26th 2010

Part one of our two part review of the global defencepicture that anyone in the services today should know about – it’s the world you could be fighting in and for.  Today: we ask what’s going on inthe world and where do we fit in?


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Sitrep August 19th 2010

In this week’s Sitrep: Is Peace Worth Fighting For?  Given the outright opposition to the Gulf War and to the motives of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair for taking the UK into that war and, the increasing public opinion that the Afghanistan War is unwinnable, the question Is Peace Worth Fighting For? Is worth answering.

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Sitrep August 12th 2010

In this week's Sitrep Cyber Warfare. The future? Is it now? What is it? What can it do and who does it? Could cyber warriors really turn off all the military communications and computers and literally bring a major operation crashing to chaos? And... who could and who does hack into the most closely guarded coms find out in a Sitrep special on Cyber warfare.

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Sitrep 5th August 2010
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