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Sitrep is a unique current affairs radio programme produced by the British Forces News team with expert analysis of Defence and Foreign Affairs as our agenda. Presented by Kate Gerbeau and featuring our Forces News Defence Analyst Christopher Lee, Sitrep is the only place on radio where you'll find a comprehensive look back at the week's most significant events in Defence.
Sitrep December 24th 2009

What sort of equipment would all three services wish for in the 2010


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Sitrep December 17th 2009 What sort of equipment would all three services wish for in the 2010 stocking?
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Sitrep December 10th 2009 Why did the MI6 man blink? Why did generals fail their IQ tests? And why are warheads on foreheads doing the business? Obama has spoken
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Sitrep December 3rd 2009 Obama has spoken: now what happens? Is the war on terrorism all done by July 20-11 or is that election speak?
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Sitrep November 26th 2009
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Sitrep November 19th 2009 Karzai speaks but does anyone believe he can deliver? 
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Sitrep November 12th 2009 Afghanistan: Waiting for Obama & why Brown doesn’t really matter.  Plus, Iraq - the stench of oil and the whiff of fudge.
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Sitrep November 5th 2009 Why more people are saying troops out of Afghanistan plus....Berlin - the day the wall came down, were we really free?
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Sitrep October 29th 2009 In today's Sitrep...How to fight extremism in Pakistan
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Sitrep October 22nd 2009 What does the war in Pakistan mean for British troops long term?
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