BFBS Radio Sitrep
Sitrep is a unique current affairs radio programme produced by the British Forces News team with expert analysis of Defence and Foreign Affairs as our agenda. Presented by Kate Gerbeau and featuring our Forces News Defence Analyst Christopher Lee, Sitrep is the only place on radio where you'll find a comprehensive look back at the week's most significant events in defence and foreign affairs.

What next for Syria as the violence continues to escalate?


What’s behind the latest trouble in Northern Ireland ?


Could North Korea’s rocket launch elevate their  status on the world stage?


How a mother’s story of her soldier son may help young officers.


And why women might make better spies than men..........



PRESENTER:  Kate Gerbeau

STUDIO GUEST:  BFBS’s defence analyst, Christopher Lee




Northern Ireland analyst Alan Murray on the latest troubles


Aidan Foster Carter, Korean expert on the rocket launch


Margaret Evison, author of "Death of a Soldier: A Mother's Story"


You can listen on BFBS Radio 2 at 1630 (UK time) and on BFBS Radio at 1830 (UK time)

Alternatively listen again on the website.

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